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Neurosciences in Cologne

The Neurosciences play an essential role in understanding animal and human behavior in health and disease. Within the vibrant Cologne Research Community there are research groups focusing on nearly every aspect of the nervous system, from biochemical analysis to neuron-centered and neural network analysis to regulation of motor behavior and metabolism, as well as on theoretical approaches to neural network functioning.

Neuroscience Research groups are located in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in the Institutes of Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Genetics and Zoology, and in the Medical Faculty in the Neurological Clinic and the Institute of Human Genetics.

Interdisciplinary research is a word written large in Cologne, as shown by manifold collaborative interactions of Cologne‘s Neuroscience Research groups.

Research Groups

Institute for Biochemistry

Institute for Genetics

Institute for Human Genetics
Institute of Zoology

Neurological Clinic